Our Values

Students, families, and staff have worked together to develop a set of shared values that guide our thinking and behavior.  With a clear focus on creating well-rounded leaders of the future and grounded in the UAE vision, the six core values that we have agreed upon as a community are:



We believe that together these values provide all at Al Rabeeh Academy with a sense of direction and a vision to create a stable, moral community that fosters positive relationships and excellent educational practice.


RESPECT: Respectful schools are learning environments where people feel safe, supported, engaged, and helpfully challenged. Respect doesn't happen in isolation; it's rooted in relationships. As we learn and teach, we are respectful in the context of our social, emotional and cultural interactions.

  • At Al Rabeeh Academy we treat each other with respect, despite our differences. We speak to each other respectfully and know we have equal value regardless of our roles in school.
  • We show respect by contributing to the safe operation of the school and the care of the physical environment around us.
  • Our words and actions towards ourselves, each other and our school are respectful at all times.

Focus: Self, Others, School, Environment

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsibility means that we always leave things better than we find them and we admit when we make mistakes. We work to improve our school community for the good of all and are accountable for our own learning and that of those around us.

  • At Al Rabeeh Academy we take responsibility for our actions and we act in a responsible way at all times.
  • We look for opportunities to take on responsibilities to improve our school community such as student leadership or self-development.
  • Our actions are always responsible and we take responsibility for our actions.

Focus: Actions, Learning, Towards others

RESILIENCE: We aim to develop resilient learners who can overcome adversity and have high levels of self-esteem and competence. We take a ‘growth mindset’ approach to challenges and know that it is our attitude to learning that matters most.

  • At Al Rabeeh Academy we believe that challenges are meant to be overcome and we see failure as a valuable part of our learning.
  • We understand our brains are LIKE a muscle that needs to be exercised. It gets stronger every time we try, even if we don’t succeed the first time, we don’t give up.
  • We keep trying even when things are difficult and learn from our mistakes.

Focus: Learning (Growth Mindset), Relationships, Sport

As well as our three core values we are tolerant, kind and honest in our words and actions.