Primary Curriculum


The Early Years Foundation Stage is a two-year phase which consists of Foundation Stage One (FS1 ages 3-4) and Foundation Stage Two (FS2 ages 4-5).Each year group has access to dedicated indoor and outdoor learning environments, offering the children a well-equipped range of learning opportunities; sand, water, construction, role play, creative and investigative play. Children are taught predominantly by their classroom teacher and receive specialist lessons in Arabic, Islamic studies and swimming.

We believe that children must be exposed to explorative and investigate play, where children have opportunities to take risks, solve problems, develop responsibility and become independent learners. The teachers plan a selection of activities to stimulate and encourage children’s skills development, continually challenging their thinking. The individual needs of each child are key to the success in their development. Regular assessments throughout the day inform the teachers of what each child can do and instructs future planning to reflect the next steps in each child’s development.  

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 is comprised of two-year groups: Year 1 (ages 5-6) and Year 2 (ages 6-7). The underlying aim is to further build on the foundations laid in EYFS and continue to provide a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment that encourages your child to become confident in their own abilities. Students are primarily taught by their classroom teacher but receive specialist teaching in Arabic language, Islamic Studies, Performing Arts,Computer Studiesand PE.

In Key Stage 1, our students increasingly understand how they learn and begin to take ownership of their learning.Theopportunities for social, emotional and language development of the childrenis a common theme within the school day during these two years. We have a specific focus on phonics, literacy and numeracy development during this key stage, in the knowledge that these are the cornerstones of future learning.  Emphasis is placed on partnerships; our teachers work closely with parents to address the individual needs of the childrenthus contributing to the success of children. 

 Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 covers Year 3 to Year 6 with students spanning the ages of 7 to 11. This key stage builds on the learning developed in Key Stage 1 and prepares students for a successful transition into secondary school. Students experience a broad, rich and challenging curriculum where their development will be characterised by an increasing level of independence alongside the acquisition of essential skills, knowledge and understanding.

In Key Stage 2 students develop the skills that support them in understanding how to learn and to take responsibility for their own learning. The curriculum  extends From Key Stage 1 and we ensure that students will be provided with ample opportunities to learn essential content discretely and directly whilst also giving scope for them to make connections across subjects. Emphasis is placed on our teachers working in partnership with parents to address the individual needs of each child. Rigorous assessment processes, differentiated teaching, a stimulating learning environment and excellent home school communication all help to contribute to the success of students in Key Stage 2. Students are predominantly taught by their classroom teacher but during the year receive specialist teaching in Arabic language, Islamic Studies, Moral Education, Computer Studies, Art, Design Technology, Performing Artsand PE.