Secondary Curriculum

At Al Rabeeh Academy we provide a broad and balanced curriculum because we understand that students need to be engaged in their learning and able to follow courses in which they are interested if they are to achieve their potential.

Al Rabeeh Academy works very hard to give our students a positive experience of secondary school life. Our personal and proactive approach will ensure the teaching is responsive and tailored to the individual.

Students with special needs benefit from a range of intervention programmes and receive additional support from teaching and support staff. Our most able students are also well catered for through challenge in the lesson with a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to stretch them academically and ensure they reach their full potential.

Key Stage 3:

An academic curriculum, which is broad-based with a combination of subjects. Core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Arabic Studies. We also offer French,  Computing, Geography, History, Music, Drama, PE, Art and Design Technology.

Excellent lesson planning, with an emphasis on personalisation, ensures that each student makes good progress and is suitably challenged in all lessons.

Regular and consistent assessment tracks students’ progress across the curriculum and identifies those who need additional support and guidance. Our rewards system encourages students to work towards even greater success.

Key Stage 4:

In Year 10, students continue to study the core subjects of English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Arabic. Students also have the opportunity to study further option subjects from an extensive choice, so that students can individualise their curriculum to meet their interests and future career paths. This allows our students to achieve the secondary equivalency certificate, Shahadat Al-Thanawiya Al-Amma which is evidence of their secondary schooling in the UAE.