Principal's Message

A Warm Welcome to Al Rabeeh Academy.

I am delighted to welcome you to Al Rabeeh Academy, a truly premier school in Abu Dhabi for students from FS1 to year 13. Our state of the art facility is a welcome expansion of the well-established, highly reputable ‘A Grade’ Al Rabeeh School in Abu Dhabi City.

Al Rabeeh Academy is located in Mohammed Bin Zayed City and contains a wealth of specialist facilities. The Academy offers an English National Curriculum balanced with Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies for Arabs and Non-Arabs with a co-educational learning environment up to and including Year 3; from Year 4, boys and girls are segregated.

Al Rabeeh Academy prides itself on being a caring, family school with a strong sense of national identity. All of our English Curriculum teachers have English as their first language and are English Curriculum trained or have English National Curriculum teaching experience. We also have a very strong Arabic and Islamic Studies Department staffed by well qualified Arab teachers.

The Academy has a high commitment to academic success and providing a well-rounded education. Our teachers are committed to challenging and inspiring each student to achieve their dreams and to become passionate learners. Teachers strive to make learning relevant and fun. We aim to increase children’s awareness of 21st Century learning skills, while focusing on innovation and technology, in order to prepare them for a rapidly changing world.

I am a British trained teacher and school manager. I joined Al Rabeeh School in August 2014 following a 9-year successful service to a highly reputable school in Dubai, UAE. I have completed 15 years of headship in the UK and in International Schools. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Education, a National Professional Qualification for Headship and I am a PENTA trained school inspector for British Schools in the Middle East and British Schools Overseas. I am also an Executive Member and Country Representative for British Schools in the Middle East and when I can I offer support to other BSME schools, by conducting accreditation visits and headship mentoring. My teaching experience of 25 years spans Early Years, Primary and Secondary phases, including mainstream and schools for Special Educational Needs. I am passionate about creating and maintaining positive and progressive environments for pupils and staff, to learn and further develop individual interests, talents and abilities.

I am delighted that we can now offer a choice in schooling, with a primary school in Abu Dhabi City and a campus with both primary and secondary schools in Mohammed Bin Zayed City. The new, state of the art facilities and resources along with our experienced teaching and learning team will make Al Rabeeh Academy a truly outstanding school.

I am privileged to be in this wonderful position of being part of Al Rabeeh history whilst leading Al Rabeeh School and Al Rabeeh Academy forward through an expansion and on-going school improvements. I constantly receive a high level of support from the staff, students, parents and The Board of Trustees and it has been most gratifying to be part of this very large and supportive family.

I hope you will support our ‘family’ schools and be part of an exciting future at Al Rabeeh Academy.


Principal  of  the School