Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs)



By participating in activities outside of normal lessons, students can explore their interests and passion, build social skills and make friends with like-minded students. Extracurricular activities are a great way to increase confidence and try new things, and also teaches students to manage their time effectively and develop a good work-life balance – all important skills for future studies, life and careers.

We place equal emphasis on our students’ intellectual and personal development, encouraging them to learn from everything they do.

Our Primary and Secondary students are encouraged to take advantage of the extra-curricular activities available at the Academy, to learn and develop new skills or devote time to an interest. 

Students and staff collaborate to produce the vast array of ECAs available to students at Al Rabeeh Academy. Check back soon for more details on those available to our children from September 2020.


Engagement in sport aids our students’ physical development, improving their coordination and skills in a variety of sports and helps them to learn how to be part of a team. A range of sports clubs such as football, basketball, netball and more, will be available for recreational and representative ability levels. We also aim to continue with a martial art.


Students will have opportunity to develop creative flair, learn new techniques and practices in clubs like photography, dance, arts & crafts, and drama and could lead to exciting roles in school shows, performances and media teams.


We will offer a variety of clubs aimed at developing and building skills and understanding in the areas of Science, technology, engineering and maths.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

From September 2020, we hope to be able to offer our students aged 14 and above the opportunity to take part in the The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. It is the world’s leading youth achievement award, operating in over 140 countries around the globe.

The Award is voluntary, non-competitive, enjoyable and balanced, while requiring sustained effort over time.

The Award offers our students:

  • > excellent preparation for University.
  • > problem solving ability.
  • > a great addition to a university or job application.
  • > an important part of social and personal development.
  • > a sense of achievement.
  • > contribution to society.
  • > opportunity to learn new skills e.g. cooking.
  • > physical activity encouragement
  • > team working skills and leadership.
  • > a fun opportunity to meet and mix with new and different people.

The Award is comprised of three levels and four sections. Participants complete all four sections at each level in order to achieve their Award. At Gold level, participants also complete a Residential Project.

For more information about the award, click here (insert link in word here) https://intaward.org