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    Parent workshops and ways to support your children

    Research has shown the importance of parental engagement in the success of a child’s education. Parents need to set high aspirations and help develop their children as learners. Professor John Hattie, Auckland University, New Zealand, conducted a 15-year analysis (published in 2008) of 50,000 studies involving 83 million students to see what worked in education.

    • He found a combination of parental encouragement and high parental expectations was the critical element in parenting support.
    • The effect of good  ‘Parent Engagement’ over a student’s school career amounted to adding an extra two to three years education to the student.
    • This parent engagement includes setting goals, displaying enthusiasm for learning, encouraging good study habits, valuing enquiry, experimentation and learning new things, and the enjoyment of reading.

    We truly value the role that you play as a parent and are always looking at ways we can collaborate with you as a school to help you carry out the most important job in the world. 


    Over the last few months we have run a series of workshops on topical issues to help you keep up to date with our initiatives and ways to support your children. Please find the link below to the Al Rabeeh Academy Youtube channel where you can find recordings of our recent workshops on topics such as E-Safety, Mental Health, Safeguarding and Reading. We would love to hear from you with suggestions for any future workshops that you would like to participate in. Please contact liz.hewitt@alrabeehacdemy.ae with suggestions or feedback.

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