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  • Middle Leadership Team


    At ARA we are proud to recruit inspirational and aspirational teaching staff who are kind, friendly and innovative. Our team are experienced UK and international educators who are passionate about helping our students to flourish and excel in their learning.  Staff are excellent role models for our students and encourage the code of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience for all in the Academy community. As a school we are fully committed to ensuring that our team are dedicated to their own learning and enjoy a full range of professional development opportunities, including language lessons and leadership training.

    Middle Leadership Team

    Phase Leaders

    Erin Duffy

    Head of KS1

    Rachael Price

    Head of KS2

    Hannah Davis

    Head of FS

    Heads of Year

    Erin Duffy

    Head of Year 1

    Joshua Davies

    Head of Year 2

    Rachael Price

    Head of Year 3

    Head of Year 4

    Craig Rigby

    Head of Year 5

    Head of Year 6

    Louise Clancy

    Head of Year 7

    Fatima Majid

    Head of Year 8

    Craig Judd

    Head of Year 9

    Thomas Lofthouse

    Head of Year 10

    Kirsty Robertson

    Head of Year 11

    Head of Year 12

    Head of Departments

    Jordan Fleming

    Maths Teacher (HOD)

    Kiara Williams

    English Teacher (HOD)

    Houda Ismail

    Science Teacher (HOD)

    Harriet Noble

    Geography Teacher (HOD)

    Colm Doohan

    DT Creatives (HOD)

    Mohamad Bassam

    Deputy Head of Arabic